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identysol offers end-to-end solutions capability in AWS Cloud and IIOT

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Smart Integrated Cloud IIOT Solutions, Increase Efficiency, Save Money, Unlock the door to Cloud Compute with us!

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Cost, Security and Performance efficiency is key to cloud success. We offer solutions that will save you money without compromising quality.

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Application deployed with applied best practices in AWS using mutiple availability zones and Disaster Recovery, your data will be safe with 99.99999 % durability.

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With AWS Cloud we will make your application and infrastructure powerful and scalable so you can focus on your business and leave the technology work for us to worry about.

IIOT Solution - to monitor your Industrial Assets

icantrack is an easy to use IIOT Solution. With several sensor types connected we can advise you with the fastest way to get your asset connected and integrated into your workflows.

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People Tracking with Contact Tracing

We are partnering with a RTLS company to deliver complete solution for people tracking amid the COVID-19 crisis. To implement social distancing norms our people tracking solution monitors movement to accuracy within 1 feet and can report compliance failures.

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Enabling Remote Working

Banking on our experience with AWS Cloud Services we are also offering Remote Working Enablement with AWS Workspaces and AWS AppStreams. AWS Remote Desktop and Application Services bring several benefits for remote working. We provide full integration services including Active Directory Integration, Networking Setup, Security and Application Deployment.

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