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Transform Your Business with IoT

Make Your Business More Profitable

with Real Time Information

Big Data and ArtificiaI Intelligence

identysol's industrial IoT solutions will ensure your assets peform at optimal levels giving you the best level of service for you and your clients. You will be able to act before devices fail and ensure continuity of service better than you ever have been able to do at a reasonable cost. A reduced inventory due to such tools will also reduce capital expenditure.

Your business can benefit hugely with Realtime Intelligence and Big data. Collection of information in realtime and contextualising it with historical trends can benefit your business greatly by increasing machine life and performance.

icantrack -our IoT platform uses the latest and best in software engineering. Equipped with Google Cloud scale and Bigdata technologies and AI we have an edge to cater to demanding and cutting edge IoT applications.


identysol in partnership with major Telecom Partners provide you an end to end Industrial IoT solution that arms you with useful real-time information that results in real tangible benefits

1. Reduced Inventory

2. Extended Asset Life

3. Better Quality of Service

CONNECT your industrial systems to the internet

DELIVER information from your machines to your smartphone or PC

EMPOWER you with real time information that can transform your business 

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