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IoT Cloud Integration Services




We help our clients with development of custom platform in AWS and Google Cloud. Our expertise in the area of Big Data (Java, Scala, Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra etc) and Artificial Intelligence (TensorFlow and MLLib) means we can develop, deploy and maintain complex systems for our clients. Our services will ensure you deploy a scalable solution with complete future proofing and peace of mind.


We bring in people with years of experience in advanced software methodologies and best practices and we deliver a bespoke end to end solution taking care of all aspects of the Internet of Things applications.





As part of our main services we offer our clients our knowledgebase and experience to help them select the best and most efficent way to a solution. Whether its IoTdevices or any other related technology we ensure you get the best fit for the job. We also do feasibility analysis to ensure your investments are safe.



System Integration


We provide SI services around IoTdevices and other devices. We extend the Consultancy Services to actually building a solution by procuring the correct hardware, connecting them together, writing software where necessary and making it all work to solve a problem.



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