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Road Monitoring
Traffic Information Displays

Wireless 3G/4G connected Traffic Information Display enables traffic management. Also other information such as alerts can be displayed. icantrack.com allows control of remote displays via Vodafones mobile network.

Road Condition monitoring allows effective deployment of resources. icantrack.com backend collects and monitors data coming from various sensor networks. Thresholds set on the portal alert maintenance agencies to act.

identysol had developed a full backend solution for a EV charger company which is now in use. Our experience in energy as well as remote monitoring makes us ideal partners in this space.


icantrack backend is fully equipped to monitor and control EV chargers and also has interfaces that makes it easy to adapt to Smart Grids.

Sensors placed in bins monitor bin status. For industrial bins the sensors also collect volumetric data. Depending on the status of the bin collectors can optimize their collection strategy.


Our expertise in short range wireless such as Zigbee and RFID and long range GPRS we provide optimal and economical solutions that are easy to deploy and maintain.

Electric Vehicle Charging
Bin Monitoring

Smart City Solutions


We have been instrumental in development of several technologies relevant to Smart Cities. With icantrack backend and wealth of experience in electronics, wireless, software and telecoms - we are well placed to integrate solutions with complex technology stack.

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