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  • Quickly connect your industrial machine or device to the internet

  • Ready to use solution, configured to your requirements which allows you to manage your machines via a Smartphone or PC anywhere in the world - for a flat rate! 

  • Real-time monitoring of critical parameters helps your business avoid expensive system failures

  • Implement preventative maintenance by monitoring machine usage

  • Monitor and remotely control your assets avoiding unnecessary site visits



icantrack.com - platform for Industrial IoT


icantrack allows you to monitor your industrial machines and control panels remotely, securely via a cloud based platform. icantrack generates real tangible benefits for your business by optimal use of your employees and resources.


Simply connect your industrial machinery with our IoT device and log into our dashboard to monitor parameters.




  • Monitor inputs, outputs, trend, usage and other vital parameters that indicate failing machines

  • Display of your chosen parameters on configurable web dashboard

  • Status monitoring of Digital and Analog inputs and Remote Control with outputs

  • Email & SMS Alerts

  • Login heirarchy for clients and subclients

  • Standard charts, reports and reminders

  • Android and iOS monitoring Apps


Technical Bits


  • Global solution tightly integrated with Google Cloud for security, scalability and redundancy with load balancers and firewalls.

  • Various configurations which easily connect via Digital or Analogue IO or Serial Link such as RS232 or RS485.

  • Supplied with a specialist M2M SIM with data retention lifetime of 10 years & 10 million read write cycles, available with extended temperature range from – 40 to 105 deg C

  • Global Data - Secure and encrypted data via a private APN with white- listed IP addresses in a closed environment – resilient to hacking

  • Fixed IP SIMs enable you to connect to your devices for instant remote control

  • Big Data support to effortlessly scale-up your applications.





  • Air Flow Monitoring

  • Industrial Pumps

  • Energy

  • Control Panels

  • Machines

  • Flooding

  • Streetlights

  • Bins



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