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IoT SIM Solution


IoT SIM cards have been specifically developed for industrial grade applications. Standard SIM cards only have a typical Read Write cycle of 100,000 cycles - our specialist M2M SIM cards are Designed with a Data Retention Lifetime of 10 years and up to 10 Million read write cycles!


As well as extended temperature range on our ruggedised SIM with a hard wearing range of -40 degrees C to +105 degrees C! 


Specialist SIM Features


  • Reliable and more suited for industrial applications 

  • Operate under extreme conditions between -40° and +105°C 

  • Resilient against vibration (SIM chips) •

  • Extended lifespan − up to 10 Million Read Write cycles

  • Volume and Automated production − ICCID barcode printed on the SIM cards, ensuring an easy matching between SIM and device

  • IMSI locking, guaranteed protection from from SIM theft


The requirement for physical SIM replacements and associated costs and risks will be drastically reduced !



Specialist M2M SIMs ensures your device roams easily into almost any country in the world. With flat rates across EU and major economies in the world - it simplifies billing and makes roll out across the globe easy and hassle-free.




Our network allows VPN connection into the network to connect to your devices. Our networks allow white-listed IP access to ensure SIMs do not get abused. SIMs sit in a closed environment and hence the devices are not vulnerable to hacking.




identysol's cloud based infrastructure has redundancy and scalability built in thus ensuring excellent performance and reliability. The solution is fluid and extensible.


Static IP


Our SIMs come with Static IP which makes it easy for you to connect to your devices on demand. For data collection applications - it simplifies the solution. We provide VPN access to our network through which you can access your devices.




Single setting across your application makes it much easy for you to deploy solutions worldwide. The billing is also simplified with near flat pricing across the globe on Main networks and flat rates across EU.




Our unmatched support ensures your solution is properly integrated for smooth data flow. We provide all necessary hand holding and consultancy to get your integration done properly completely free of cost. You can also even manage the GDSP SIMs via a portal.



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